Support the Regional Trail in Edina

The purpose of this website is to give trail supporters the information they need to contribute to the decision process and ensure that the trail is implemented.

The Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail in Edina will …

  • Be safe and comfortable,
  • Promote our unique healthy Edina lifestyle and enjoyment of Edina’s parks,
  • Become a valuable asset to the community,
  • Provide safe routes for children to local parks and schools,
  • And be an inviting trail enjoyed by walkers, joggers and riders of all ages and skill levels.

The proposed Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail in Edina will connect the existing Minnesota River Bluffs Regional Trail in Hopkins and Minnetonka to Richfield. From there, walkers, joggers and bikers could reach the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge in Bloomington and Grand Rounds Trail System at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. The proposed trail is generally ten feet wide with three-foot-wide shoulders.

The Nine Mile Creek Park District and the Edina City Council are currently evaluating three options, a creek based route, a road based route, and no trail. The creek based route would create a beautiful new park that links together many of our existing parks in Edina. It will be a wonderful amenity for all Edina residents to enjoy, and a superior addition to the Three Rivers regional trail system.

Information on this site will help you express your opinion to the decision-makers!

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